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Two travelers. One car. One cellphone. And one aim.

Granada-Dakar. No. It is not a sports competition in which cutting-edge cars driven by experienced drivers take part. Granada-Dakar involves the 3,550 km that Augustin Ndour and Cheikh Mbaye cover to go back home. To Senegal.

A travel recorded with a cellphone and made with a car-sharing vehicle thanks to Teranga GO!, the new collaborative-consumption platform that enables its users to share a vehicle between Africa and Europe. Augustin himself is the co-founder of this platform.

A four-day journey that serves to think about the migration phenomenon, which set a historical record in 2016: causes, migrant profiles, rooting and uprooting, types of migration, the coexistence with the people from the country of residence and other migrants, communities and forged bonds, etcetera.

And at the end of the trip, a surprise. Because Teranga GO!’s first travel had an aim. And an end that, as so often happens, is a new beginning. “To where we are expected,” a documentary where music is as important as words, sounding among the wind, landscapes and people’s voices, accompanying Augustin and Cheikh in this initiation journey.